Sunday, September 18, 2011

Budding Photographer

The friends of the park have hired experts in weed control.  The herd of sheep includes a few goats and a  billy goat.  And perhaps most importantly, Anatolian Shepherds. These dogs are mixed into the flock at a very young age and grow up thinking they are sheep.  And protect them.

I told Olivia about them, and of course we had to go see them.  They had made short work of the creek section they were in and were having a Sunday siesta.

After getting a good look on both sides of the creek, Olivia had to go back and get her Leapster camera.


Shepherd in the flock.

This has really drawn the whole neighborhood out - people come by to just sit and watch the sheep.  They hop across the rocks in the creek, bleat for each other, the bells on the necks of some of the goats clang now and's a really peaceful scene.  Contrast that with the cacophony of mowers and weed eaters.

This way is better.  


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