Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Favorite

Hard to think of an ice cream being a limited edition, isn't it?  Anyway, this joins the ranks of eggnog, dark chocolate cordial cherries and my grandmother's lime jello salad (w/pineapple, pecans and sour cream) that I look forward to each year. 

If you are near a Publix, and it's still in stock, I say you can't go wrong. 

Off to put eggnog in my coffee to see if I can make my own eggnog latte. I am celebrating being treated by the self proclaimed 'most conservative' endodontist in Atlanta.  He goes to work at 6 am and says "if the antibiotics fix things, why have a root canal?"  Odds are I will need a root canal, but it's nice to see if I might not.

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