Wednesday, November 24, 2010

His Majesty

Dishes abound in my family.  Both grandmothers had multiple sets that they pulled out seasonally.

My mother has multiple sets.

Right now I have a set of Royal Orchard in boxed in my attic that I have no room to pull out and use.  I have an everyday set (white) and a fine set (white w/gold trim) that were selected to go with whatever my taste might turn into.  I have a small set of Spode Christmas Tree that I bought in interest free installments from a store in Dothan, Alabama.


Other than a turkey majolica plate, I have no Thanksgiving dishes.

Homegoods, I thought.  Homegoods will have something. They never let me down.

I found two mugs that fit the bill.  And that was it.  Homegoods had literally nothing else left in the Thanksgiving mode.

The gobbler, His Majesty, resides on the inside of the mug.  His Majesty is by Johnson Brothers. 

With my white dishes, I think a full set of mugs or a set of salad plates or perhaps soup bowls would be great.  And much better than a full set of dishes that I have no room to store :)

What's in your cupboard?


  1. M,
    I went to Google to find out about His Majesty. My first hit was a platter at Amazon. Then as I scrolled down the page, I saw that people who bought the platter also bought a certain DVD. Personally I don't see the connection. But I'm wondering if you should forget about a set of salad plates and run out to Blockbusters instead of Home Goods!

  2. I have none either. Closest thing to it is the orange dinner plate I put the cake on on Turkey Day. Maybe I'll work on this glaring deficiency. But I have the same problem you do - no room.



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