Tuesday, November 30, 2010

December Daily

These are two books I made for my sister and sister-in-law, following the December Daily model created by Ali Edwards.  The idea is that you have a place to record the 25 days of December: the ordinary, the decorating, the events, the ordinary, the small special things like a favorite coffee drink only available during the holidays, the excitement, the giving, the wrapping, the ordinary...

Ali says she puts her books away each year with the ornaments, and then they have fun looking at past books when they come out each year.

I used a combination of purchased templates, recyled material and stuff I had on hand.  I will put mine together tonight, and mail theirs today.

I hope that by getting a ready made book to work with, this doesn't feel like yet another task, but a fun chance to capture family traditions and memories. They can take a photo a day and print them at the end, put sticky notes on pages to remind them what the words should be, or do it as they go.  And since they each have children with birthdays in December, I suspect that those days will be easy to fill in and cameras will already be out.

Plus I bet that the oldest children would be willing to take charge of a day that they write about for the family so all the work doesn't fall on mom.

Off to find envelopes!

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