Friday, November 5, 2010

Fall Sparkle

Here's a bit of gold and blue for Friday.  I've been looking at things to make a kids table for Thanksgiving.  Finger puppets would be fun, wouldn't they?  I love having the family over on Thanksgiving, hope that's what we end up doing. 

And I've already secured a smoked turkey, leaving the fun stuff to make or ask someone to bring.

Perhaps I'll step up my campaign for Thanksgiving at my house this year.


  1. What time is dinner? And what should I bring? Postcards for Gus?

    P.S. I'd like to sit at the kid's table!

  2. I'm in!! And I think finger puppets are a great idea.-Carrie

  3. Every year the horde descends at thanksgiving, the teen puts on his apron and makes pies and I sit at the kid table with glitter, glue and scissors!
    finger puppets! oh YEAH!



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