Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pictures with Santa

Let me set the stage - the office was set up with goodies on a table in corner of the office. The man with the beard was set up in the treatment area. It was amazing. My girl Cotton is on your left, and Gus, well, Gus is on the right.

There are photos with both of them still, but I think these convey the fun. Gus was beside himself. He wanted to visit with Santa, you know, give him a big slurp and investigate (chew) the pipe. When we finished, he quickly located the snacks.

Gus sort of did his playing dead trick for everyone. He couldn't stay down long enough to really be dead (with all 4 legs in the air), but he got his treat.

This group has seen us through swallowing the latex hamburger, swallowing the plastic greenery, eating the silica packet, ear issues, limps, back injuries, reflux, allergies...the list is so long I think I'm leaving something off. Oh, yes, well dog care is what's missing!

I can't say enough about this clinic. I'd be comfortable with either of the vets - Dr. Jones or Dr. Weyl - seeing my dogs (I haven't met the newest vet, Dr. Rogers) - they all have wonderful, caring personalities as do the whole staff. Josh, Samantha, JR, Laurie, Laura, Susan and more whose names escape me - thanks for being there.


  1. OH!
    I love GUS!
    When I was making my christmas cookies Cy snuck in and cleaned off a plate of butterscotch cookies. I have seen no evidence ( so far!) that he had trouble digesting it. But labs eat socks! LOL
    these show the real character of those two!



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