Saturday, December 5, 2009

In Merry Pin

I went through a relatively short but intense pin phase. During that time, I gathered pins to wear with my suits because at that time, there was little to do to express personality because the uniform was a navy, charcoal gray or black suit with blouse and sedate heels. The pin was the only dash of color or expression of whimsy one could make.

There are a handful of seasonal pins in the collection: the Junebug, snowflakes, a poinsettia that was a gift (you know who you are ), a Christmas tree in shades of green crystals, and my favorite, a partridge in a pear tree.

I believe traditions are what you repeat each year that bring meaning and depth to an event: certain foods, the Christmas eve midnight service at church, get togethers with friends...repeating these things each year creates a link back through the years and makes an unknown future here on on Earth less anonymous. Knowing that we will repeat these things with family and friends is something to look forward to.

Each year as Christmas approaches, I find myself wondering when I will reach for the Christmas tree pin, the poinsettia or the partridge, because that is the indicator that holiday has started for me.


In Merry Pin: in a merry mood or good spirits. Old tankards were divided in eight equal parts, each marked by a silver pin. The cup held two quarts and the amount from pin to pin was a Winchester pint. By the rules of good fellowship, the drinker was to only stop drinking at the pin and if he drank beyond it, he was to drink to the next one. As it was very hard to stop on the pin, the efforts gave way to much mirth, with the drinker obliged to drain the tankard.


  1. Because I've never had to dress in business suits I've not been much of a pin person. But I have a couple that I love a lot, even if they sit in my jewelry box more than on my shoulder. My all time favorite was my grandmothers. A Christmas tree studded with colored rhinestones. I think I might pull it out today and jazz up my sweatshirt a little!.

    Thanks for the reminder!

    P.S. I never heard of the Merry pint, but I've known many a drinker who would not have stopped at the first marker!

  2. It's the holidays already so start wearing the pins! And thanks for the info re the merry pin. Never heard that one, quite interesting and fun.



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