Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday decorating

So, after years of accumulating holiday ornaments, I have finally figured out what appeals to me because I have seen it this year. It is the natural look that coalesced this year: burlap, shells, silver glass balls, clear lights and twine. It's probably not new, it just finally penetrated my consciousness.

Then I saw this display of vintage looking glass balls in a Pottery Barn catalog and thought of the sconces on the dining room wall.

My interpretation is below. And to tell the truth, I'm pretty pleased. Although, I think I will change out the twine I used for something either more rustic, or with a very light silver or blue color.

Now I've got to try to make the mantle and Christmas tree fit in.


  1. Ooohlala!
    I swing between fancy dancy, nostalgia, plain but pretty and pink matched with lime green!

    No wonder I have one whole closet full of nothing but Christmas ornaments!

  2. I love your silver. Seeing it makes me want to change my decorations. But then - maybe I'll just stick with what I have. Am I getting lazy about this or am I more content with what I have?



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