Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Decorating

I went out looking for candidates for 'What Does Your Halloween Decorating Say About You" the 2009 version.

What I found was that decorating recycling has hit Halloween.


There were some creative new displays.

Below is one of my favorites. Can you see the little orange lights in the fir tree on the left?

And this place...they pulled out all the stops. Can you make out the green face in the upstairs window? And the black cat against a moon in the next? Last years spider has been shoved aside for the multitude of skeletons. Skeleton head lantern covers flank the entry. A huge skeleton menaces those who wish to enter. And just below the hanging skeletons, do you see the rather human looking person below them? It's not human, it's just a good dummy.

These folks planted some relatives down by the road. I guess they had to keep the riff raff at a distance...

This family has a chorus of Jack-o-Lanterns out front.

Hope you had some fun decor to see in your neighborhood.


  1. That last one is my favorite. Looks like a Pottery Barn cover.



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