Sunday, November 1, 2009


I really like pumpkin pie. So I've been casting around for other pumpkin recipes. Last year I made a pumpkin and sausage pasta dish. Tasty ~ though with sausage as a key ingredient, how could it not be?

This year I came across a blog that featured Pumpkin Cookies. And they had lots and lots of comments raving about the cookies.

And I had all but two of the ingredients, and had to go to the grocery for soup ingredients anyway, so...voila! The first pan only had six. Just in case.

But after I tasted one, I was sold. They have butterscotch morsels. And cinnamon. If I changed anything, it would be to add a bit more cinnamon, like half a teaspoon more.

The dough is dense, not thin. And they bake up big and cakey. They remind me of teacakes, which my brother really likes. Excuse me a moment, we are under attach by squirrels armed with hickory nuts. They throw them at the windows, and the dogs are understandably indignant.

Definitely a keeper. I may take some to work tomorrow for taste testing. If there are any left.


  1. These look very similar to some carrot cookies I haven't made in years. A new cookie recipe is always good. I'm not a real fan of butterscotch, would something else work?

    Have you ever made pumpkin stew? I've got a recipe that is a good friend's favorite, though I've never made it. Every year at this time when I see all the little pumpkins in the grocery store I think I should at least give it a try. If you want the recipe, let me know.

  2. P.S. I love your new header.
    As you might have noticed I am still having trouble with my spacing. It's driving me nuts!

  3. MAN, I wish I could be there for the taste testing! If they are anything like your zucchini bread, everyone is in for a treat!

  4. The cookies sound delicious. And how do you feel about sweet potato pie? I love it ice cold. Yum.



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