Monday, October 5, 2009

Pimento Red

Here's my plate/bowl from glass class last weekend. The background was pimento red. Keep in mind that I said my circles were like saw blades - the fact that the edge is smooth is a testament to the instructor who fire polished the edges.

Anyway, I liked my patter and color composition. I was worried about how that yellow would look.

Sorry for the photo quality - I had guests off and on all weekend and only remembered to take a photo last night around 10 pm. When it was raining. Again.

I think I may be taking the intermediate class. Just as long as I can do square bowls. And plates.


  1. Molly...that is just beautiful. I am very, very impressed!!! I love the vibrant colors and I think the yellow works very also adds nicely to the Halloween feel of your table dsplay. I have a bad case of jealously going on now.

  2. I love it . . . . the colors really "pop" . . . Looks great in the dining room.


  3. LOVE it! And to answer your question, YES the beef stew/soup thing is YUMMY. I made it last night and had leftovers today and it rocked the casbah both times.

    Side note though ... it makes a TON. Like 8-10 servings, I'd say? So I'm freezing quite a bit of it. But it's going in the "Slow Cooker Keep" pile for sure.



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