Thursday, June 19, 2008


Gotcha! This is not about the highest job in the land, it's which photo do you like better?

Vote 1 if you like the first one better, Vote 2 if you like the second one better.
For heaven's sake, help a girl out. For all that's decent and good, vote! Because I've not subjected you to campaign advertising, vote! Because your vote can change history. Your vote counts!
Oh, and the two chicks in the lower left corner are Pam and Cindy, respectively. In Tuscany. Pienza to be exact. I fell in love with Pienza. This view of a lane overlooking a valley is all that's right with Tuscany. In the distance you can see the hills. in Pienza I paid for a candle so I could light it in the chapel next to the Pope's house. That was a first.
This is also the excursion that resulted in driving on a road that Tom-Tom showed was in the middle of a field.
And kept saying "turn around at the nearest exit".
Tom-Tom felt so strongly about that, he repeated it going and coming. Apparently, Tom-Tom had not downloaded an update on new road construction. I must say it is unnerving to rely on a device that says you are traveling on a non-existent road in both directions, on a road with "round abouts", in a country in which you do not speak the language, at dusk. Everyone knows dusk is the hardest time to drive. I think Tom-Tom was having a little fun at our expense.
All's well that ends well, though, because we got back to Castellina in time, 9:15 pm, to eat at the restaurant up the road from the hotel Cassafrassi where we stayed, and had THE BEST PASTA of the trip. And YUMMY STEAK. And sat on the patio next to a group with a German Shepherd laying under the table.
It was a good day.
P. S. You can call 1-800-mollyfly if you'd like to contribute to the fund that will let me return to Italy.


  1. I like photo #2. Maybe you'll get enough money in your fund to take me with you. I need a vacation this week!!



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