Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Finders Keepers

Tonight I met Cindy for supper at Bonehead's. I love Bonehead's. It' s my kitchen away from kitchen.

As I walked in, I noticed a piece of paper on the ground. It looked like a book illustration. So I picked it up. It was of a spaniel and in pencil was a 12 lined thru with a 6 beside it. I deduced that it was cut from a book, and once cost $12, but was marked down to $6 (college pays off yet again!), and it had Gladys Emerson Cook in a corner of the drawing as the artist. Oh, and it also had 1945 noted to the left of the $6.

So, I was curious. On to Google. I learned that she was born in 1899 and died in 1976.

And, found this entry:

Gladys Emerson Cook
(American, 20th C. )
Gladys Emerson Cook is perhaps best known for her delightful drawings of dogs, many of which were used as book illustrations. She also drew advertisements, including cat ads for Carter's Ink and Puss n' Boots products. She also painted and did many original prints.Cook studied at the New York Art Student's League with Anthony Thieme and Yarnall Abbott.She exhibited at The National Academy of Design, 1953-1945; NY Public Library, 1942; Library of Congress; National Arts Club, NYC; Society of Illustrators, 1945; Abercrombie and Fitch, NYC and Bronx Zoological Park, 1941.

Here's the drawing I found:

Then, as I left, I noticed another piece of paper similar to the first in the island in the parking lot. Well, I had to stop. It WAS another one. This time a little dog.

I think someone was taking these to be framed, and dropped them. I wonder if they missed them. Perhaps they fell out of the car?

They have some damage; the spaniel is in better shape than the second one. On the back of each page are two smaller dogs with narrative.

Next, I consulted Ebay. Items for Gladys Emerson Cook ranged in price from $9.96 to $396 for a painting of a racehorse with jockey. Included was a lithograph of a cocker spaniel that looks like the one I found.
Makes me want to say "finders, keepers". But, I think I will call the framing shop tomorrow to find out if anyone brought any dog illustrations in to be framed. Maybe someone would be happy to have these back. Or not.
Tune in next time, folks, for the answer.

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