Monday, June 16, 2008

Concerts, part deux

Ha! I was right, I forgot two pretty good ones:

Matchbox 20 (I loved them and Lifehouse opened for them and they were great!) but when I looked around I felt soooooo old.

Jimmy Buffet at an ampitheater in Birmingham (Parrot Heads rule!)

Of course, it's only because Becky emailed me her list that I recalled Jimmy Buffet who by the way is right up there with the Eagles on my favorites list.

And Rob emailed me that he'd been to 5, one of which he and I went to together. This is because I had always vowed that if the Eagles reunited for a tour, I was going. Period. So, they went on tour just after I moved to Atlanta, and they were coming to Atlanta, but I couldn't get through to Ticketmaster, so I bought tickets for Birmingham from a scalper. Who, when I called the 1-800 number said "Molly?, Molly Faircloth? Rob's sister?" Can I just say that was a bit twilight zone? For those of you who are missing the import of this, THE SCALPER WAS LOCATED IN TROY, ALABAMA, MY HOME TOWN. That's right, TROY. Not Atlanta, not Birmingham, Memphis, New York, Las Vegas or anywhere else one would expect a scalper to be, TROY. ALABAMA.

Who knew?

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