Monday, May 26, 2008

What I did for the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend

So, as I packed up Friday afternoon at the office, I considered what I had to do over the weekend:

1. Read the advance reading copy of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society I received to write a book review on - which I did, on my porch with the ceiling fan going and the dogs lying on the cool tile floor,

or in Gus' case, on the wicker love seat. This is the look I got when I told him to get down (he just got back up once I was intent on the book again).

2. Paint the Thomasville bilious yellow cabinet I found at a flea market before Christmas. I got the paint in March-Prussian Blue by Ralph Lauren at Home Depot-and it proceeded to rain every weekend after that or it was too cold. Nevertheless, I think it turned out well.

Inside you can see the bilious yellow that it once was. The knobs need to be changed out, and I am going to have a piece of mirror cut to go on the top surface.

3. Catch up on laundry. Does this include dry cleaning? Below is where I do laundry, which feels a lot like a dungeon when there is a lot to do. Got a lot done. But not all. Well, got some done. And I have a big bag of dry cleaning.

4. Get the rest of the summer clothes out of my closet (which is really a sliver, not a closet). Sort of done, maybe will be done when by the time I go to bed.

5. Try a new recipe. I picked Bacon wrapped jalapeno thingies. Well, since I made a test run with only 5 peppers all that is left is the empty pan which should tell you it was yummy. I made one change and that was to fat free cream cheese (the block). For the recipe, go here:

6. Nurse Cotton's toe - she had licked her back foot until a toe had gotten infected. Honestly, these are the highest maintenance dogs. I had a picture of the toe here for you, but reconsidered. The good news is it no longer looks like an inflamed plucked chicken.

7. Assemble the storage shelves I bought shortly after buying the house but postponed when the basement flooded at every rain shower. Didn't get to that one.
What a relief, there's something left for next weekend.

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