Saturday, May 17, 2008

And on the 6th day, I shop

Inspired by all the clever bloggers I read, I went to a thrift store, a consignment store and a flea market today.

At the thrift store, I only found an adorable dog named Wendell who sat at Cindy's feet as long as she paid attention to him.

At the consignment store, I found a green table for my bedroom that goes perfectly with the new bedding (which is not out because I need to paint the piece I found before Christmas) for my bedroom.

And a McCoy pot, a yellow and red dish from Deruta, a hand painted piece of china that reminds me of Cousin Pearl's pieces, a yellow mixing bowl, another yellow dish and a black and white plate to hang on the bathroom wall.

At the flea market, I found an oval tea table with Duncan Phyffe legs. I think. You can look and see. Anyway the top lifts off to be a tray, and the glass is held on by a fiber twine or rope nailed into the rim. I think it's beautiful and even if it's too small for the sofa, I can use it between the chairs.

It's a good thing I'm learning how to sell things on Ebay.

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