Sunday, July 22, 2012

Farmer's Market - Morningside Version

I love a good farmer's market.  And there's one near me every Saturday.  The thing is that the one near me has turned into an open air mall. There are relatively few farm vendors and quite a few restaurant stands. And the traffic is something else.  I've switched to making the drive to Morningside.

To this:

And since I've just gotten into canning, I'm having a great time.  There's another one starting in Tucker on Main Street that I often go to on Sunday's with my mother.  It has been the source of peaches, tomatoes and green beans.  I love seeing all the varieties of eggplant, for example, and hearing each farmer wax rhapsodic about recipes that show off their produce.   Just yesterday, I listened as a young man described a tomato sauce of 'black crims' that his mother in law just couldn't get enough of.

It's something I look forward to each weekend.

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  1. All my sunflowers have drooped and shed golden flower dust on the tables. I should throw them away but can't bring myself to do it just yet. We have a farmer's market here. For some strange reason they don't sell flowers. I'm ready to hop in the car and head back to your neck of the woods. Have you ever been to Pike's Market in Seattle? If not, put it on your bucket list. It is full of sights and sounds that delight one's senses.



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