Monday, July 9, 2012


I met Merry ME (Mary) & Jack & Suzi Q yesterday!  They were on a road trip to Tennessee and passed through Atlanta.  It was a short visit, but a fun one.  It's wonderful to have a voice to go with the face and blog.  I think I will enjoy that most, because now when I read her words, I'll hear her voice.

After they were gone, I could see every cobweb...every tumbleweed of Golden Retriever fur...the rug that Gus has picked to pieces with his stretching...and remembered I didn't explain why the kitchen ceiling wasn't fixed (I'm thinking of doing some more to the kitchen than fix the ceiling)...but then I realized that what they got was a pretty good picture of me.  Not sweating the small stuff (obviously!).

Godspeed, Mary & Jack!

1 comment:

  1. Molly, The only thing I paid attention to was you. I swear if there was a cobweb, I didn't see it. And I never looked up in the ceiling. If I had, I'd have felt even more at home.

    Totally agree about the face and voice. You are no longer a stranger, or just a pen pal. You are a true-blue huggable friend. Not many people left who say, "come on over and have a glass of tea" anymore.




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