Sunday, July 29, 2012


Here's my newest creative project.

I've been interested in canning for a while, but all the recipes were intimidating.  They were such big batches.  And I have such a small kitchen.  Not much counter space.  But a new book came out this year called Food in Jars.  It's perfect.  Small batches mean I can do it in a small kitchen and I don't invest a whole weekend. 

Pickled cherries, dilly beans and pickled okra.  Roasted sweet peppers.  Fig jam.  Tomato jam (YUM). Peach butter (like a jar of sunshine).

And I will be able to serve over the next year or share them as gifts.  Though that will be hard, because they are delicious and I am suffering from selfishness. At least where the tomato jam and peach butter are concerned.


  1. Who knew a stack of canning jars would be so pretty? I think I shall get that book for my sister who just picked a gazillion blueberries and has trees laden with peaches and apricots.

  2. PS. Why do some jars not have screw on tops?

  3. ~laughing~
    everything looks so tasty!
    are you hooked? Are you now she who cans?

  4. I love that you incorporated food and art as one! I love both and you have some really creative ideas. I have a blog too, but it's not as good as yours. Mine is really about what happens in my teenage world and life. you can check it out.



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