Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spring Yard

 Despite our drought (4" behind last I heard) my yard is positively lush.  I went for a walk around the yard yesterday to capture it.

The Euchera has sent out a slender spike of flowers (the flowers echo the foliage colors).

Hostas emerge from a bed of pansies...and the gardenia that was transplanted is filling out there between the ferns.  And can you see the Cryptomeria (on the right) that is almost covered by the hydrangea?  It was hastily planted until I could figure out where it's forever home would be. The other one is behind the butterfly bush on the other side of the yard near the toad lilies.

Brazilian verbena (I think) blooms next to a butterfly bush bud while the Fairy Rose explodes in the background.

Beneath another blooming Euchera variant, the Japanese Painted Fern that I thought was long ago lost to drought has sent up a single frond.

The heirloom rose is full of blooms and buds (and an attack of thrips?)...the cutback boxwoods are putting on new growth and recovering from leaf borers, and I can see just how uneven the ground is under the bird bath.

The Fairy Rose and Stella D'oro day lilies are beginning their show while lace cap hydrangeas wait in the wings.

I know you're not supposed to let your herbs bloom, but as you can see the parsley is exploding with pinwheel shaped blooms in green gold.  And the Swiss chard is going great guns in the front corner.

A view from the opposite back corner to the view above - you can see drifts of oregano (leaf green)  marking the curve from Monkey Grass (dark green) to Creeping Jenny (yellow green).

Another view of the verbena which is sadly reduced from it's volume in prior years.

In front and back yards , the hydrangeas are coming!

Stay tuned for an update when the hydrangeas are in bloom.

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  1. Well that was like walking through an arboretum. What a glorious yard. My grass is green which is about all I can say for mine.



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