Sunday, November 6, 2011

Saturday Spirit

On Saturday, two of my nieces participated in a Cheerleading competition.

 Getting ready includes glitter eyeshadow...

coordinating bows on the 'high and tight' ponytails,

and a run through in the other gym...

Here's an atmosphere shot.  Below the balloon arch was a smoke machine that activated when the first cheerleader led their group onto the mat.

My younger niece's team on the floor.

For family readers - she is in the back left position in the rest of these.  Forgive the quality, I used my 50mm lens because it is easy to carry and blew up the images.

We've got spirit
Yes we do
We've got spirit
How about you?


  1. My granddaughter was a cheerleader for several years. Probably started about this age. I never did see her. Probably a good thing, she was always on the very top of the pyramid. Yikes!



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