Friday, November 11, 2011

A Discovery

I love reading.

I love reading blogs.  There's wondrous variety out there in the interwebs.

Today I clicked a link that took me to Cold Antler Farm.  After you read the passage she wrote below, I bet you'll click the link and take the trip too.

Everyone out there enjoying this Wolf Moon? That's what the Almanac calls it. The November moon is a big bright beam out there, and the last few nights it has been so bright It cast shadows inside the farm house at night. Deer walking around the yard stand out like make believe things in the blue light. Folklore says the night right after the full moon is a time to prayer to remove things from your life that are negative, bad thoughts, fear, guilt, all of it. As the moon wains into dark it's supposed to carry those prayers home. I don't think it can hurt. Wolves after all, are very fast dogs. 

from Cold Antler Farm

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