Friday, November 25, 2011

NYC and Thanksgiving

I took a trip to NYC the week before Thanksgiving for a photography workshop. You know how something works out so much better than you ever imagined?  That happened here - the combination of the photographer who led the workshop and his team, the combination of people who attended, the mind set I had going in...they all made for a very special time.  

Returning home I thought a short week of work would be fairly easy but that was not to be - it turned out to be fairly hectic.

Thanksgiving was at my house this year with my mother, sister's and brother's families.  It is always a wonderful time, and this year the star of the show was the chocolate cake my sister in law brought.  Oh my, that cake was amazing! And Gus didn't steal anything - last year he helped himself to coconut cake which we now know is not life threatening to dogs, though it is a bit, ahem, rich.

Much to think about over the balance of the holiday weekend.

I hope you had a memorable Thanksgiving.


  1. I'm so glad you took this trip. My daughter did something similar a couple weeks ago (Camp Mighty). Are you familiar with Jill Bradonsky? She's a creativity coach. She's having a creativity week in Taos next August. I think the stars might be pointing me in that direction, tho the reality scares me to death.



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