Monday, May 2, 2011

Mystery Flower

Pretty, aren't they?  I think the look like snowflakes.

I nursed these through the Atlanta ice storm, and the thunderstorms with their hail.  And here they are!  Blooming!

Any ideas?

Well, do you recognize these?


They're a bit off the beaten track.

Answers in the comments!


  1. The first photo is - did you guess it? Parsley! It's what happens when your nurse something through the winter. It's hard to prune it and then my curiosity got the better of me. And the second was...wait for it...what happens when your swiss chard bolts. I thought they looked like dill before the blooms opened, and I think some forms of dill have yellow flowers too. The neighbors are so pleased with my overgrown plants...

  2. Leave the parsley and you'll likely end up with swallowtails. We always got the blue variety. When the boys were younger, we would collect the caterpillars and watch them become beautiful butterflies. Good memories!



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