Sunday, May 15, 2011


I was fortunate enough to participate in the last Inspired! Artist Workshop this past week.  Donna Downey arranged this event for the last four years, with around 200 women participating each year.  The community, the atmosphere, the enthusiasm as well as the instructors made it a wonderful experience.  I met several wonderful people, two in particular - hi Brenda and Debbie - who were the icing on the art cake.

Below is a series of photos of the results of the classes I took.

Alisa Burke's class on surface design of fabrics (you can then use the fabric to create apparel, home decor, etc):

Lolly Chessie's class - we took some everyday items - jute, canvas, felt, hot glue- and made an art piece.  Mine doesn't do it justice because I fizzled out during the hot gluing of jute, but you get the idea.  And maybe I'll add the rest of the jute.  Maybe.

Perhaps the most surprising thing I did - a bag from recycled plastic trash.  All you needed was an iron and a sewing machine.  Look out friends, I may be making you some grocery bags for Christmas this year and get rid of all those plastic bags I have in my basement.

A petite doll painting from Suzi Blu's class:

From Trish Seggebruch's encaustic class - and perhaps my favorite result - this was painting with wax a layer at a time and adding texture and pattern along the way.

And finally, the jewelry we decorated and assembled in Becky Nunn's class.  This was great fun.  Although I used my glue water to wet my transfer images (it worked anyway).

It was a great week.

1 comment:

  1. WOW!
    look at all those beautiful things!
    That must have been so much fun!
    I couldn't pick one as my favorite!
    ( although that tree one is pretty spectacular!)
    Were you pleased with the transfers of your photo's?
    How sturdy is that bag?
    would it make a good up-cycled grocery sack?
    Oh these are wonderful!



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