Thursday, March 17, 2011


Before my guests arrived last week, I gathered up all the catalogs I had saved to look at "when I had a minute".  Because it only takes a minute to scan them, right?

Anyway, here you have it.  I think this is a month's worth.  Hard to tell because time has been flying by so quickly.

There's a blog, Simple Mom, that is encouraging living more simply.  Go see it.  The first week was to clean out your closet.  So I'm two weeks behind, but plan to get that closet project done this weekend.  I'm the original "as soon as I give that away, I'll need it".  The fact is, I don't wear half of what I have.  Time to purge.

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  1. I swear everywhere I turn there is a continuous theme of de-clutter and simplify. Next thing I know a giant stack of catalogs is going to fall on my head as if to get my attention! I teeter between putting everything in boxes and storing them in closets upstairs where I won't see them, and renting one of those big trash trailers and just start tossing. Eeney meenie miney mo!

    Be sure to take before and after pics!



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