Thursday, March 3, 2011

Paine's Prairie Preserve 2

Walking out to the end of the platform, I saw one water fowl. He's in the photo below.  Can you see him?

Maybe this close up will help.  Some.  He's pretty well color coordinated with his habitat.

We got to the end of the platform and gazed around.  The only wildlife aside from the water fowl was this somnolent snake.  He was waiting on something.  Can you pick him out?

Here's a close up of him lurking on the surface.

The last wildlife I saw was this guy and he was so high up that I had no idea what he was.

Then there was the triumvirate - they were really the welcome party, but I forgot to snap them until I was on the way out...

And with that we left the Preserve.  And my curiosity about why there was a pier in the apparent middle of nowhere on the side of the road was satisfied.  [Grammar monitors give me a break on that sentence, please]

1 comment:

  1. Looking for these critters was like the hide and find game in Highlights magazine. My all time favorite!



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