Thursday, January 13, 2011

Popsicle Bullets

  • Sunday 8:30 pm, snow starts.
  • Monday morning, freezing rain on top of snow.
  • Monday, stay home.
  • Tuesday, stay home. Hopefully clean ice covered snow blanket from car.
  • Wednesday morning fret about staying home or trying to get to work.
  • Soundtrack from Sunday to Wednesday:  Weather Channel
  • Wednesday my office only had a handful of folks in it - and I almost chickened out but I made myself drive in while there were fewer people on the road.  Whew, not so bad I thought.  Until I had to drive home.  On the ride home, I discovered I have trust issues with drivers with no snow/ice driving experience who blow by at 40 mph when there is precisely 1.5 lanes open heading up Peachtree Street at 5 pm on Wednesday afternoon.
  • Today I got a ride to/from work with a co-worker.  [thanks, Cindy!]
  • On one side of Atlanta: frozen tractor trailer trucks. 
  • Other sides of Atlanta:  restaurants and grocery stores with no bread, among other things.
  • At my house you can skate from the street to the front door, if you don't fall down.  Just sayin'.
  • One dog got stuck on the deck:  couldn't decide whether to press on and go or come back to me. 
  • Dogs do not like skating.  Just sayin'.
  • The 5"-6" of snow was no big thing.  The ice. is. a. big. thing.
  • At least the power hasn't gone off.
  • After apocal-ice 2011, I am buying some Yak Trax and maybe a wood burning stove or insert. 

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