Monday, January 10, 2011


It started around 8:30 last night. 

When I peeked again around 9:15 it looked like this:

I stepped onto the front porch, and as I tried to find an aperture or shutter speed, or heaven help me, an ISO that would let me capture this purportedly apocalyptic snowfall, I couldn't believe my ears.

From up my street came the unmistakeable sound of tires spinning and spinning in the snow. 

I know, that is the same word that came to my mind as I peered up the street to see if a car was lit up.

Somehow we made it until 9:15 this morning before the dogs HAD to go out. 

When we did go out,Gus and Cotton exhibited some concern and curiosity about why their feet sank a minimum of 3 inches and squeaked faintly when they took a step.  They quickly shook that off that intellectual puzzle and sprinted around the back yard.  I'm sure if they could they'd have been shouting 'yee-haw! this is fun, wish we had a sled', but they settled instead for shoving their noses into the snow and snorting wildly, flinging snow into the air.

Hope you are warm and dry, wherever you are.

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