Monday, September 13, 2010

Engagement Session

Friday afternoon I shot an engagement session with a couple who will be married in January.  I got some good images, including some like this which were unguarded moments, despite the time (wish it could have been 6:30 instead of 5 pm) and the inexperience of the photographer. Something that I haven't heard any of the photographers mention is how wonderful it is to spend an hour or so with a couple who are so clearly in love and happy to be together.

It's a great bonus.


  1. Did your camera go click, click, click like in the movies?

    I think it should be mandatory for couples to carry a picture like this around (not formal wedding photos, too stiff and posed) so they can remember the love they shared when times were fun and easy.

    Great photo.

  2. I never did a Lot of engagement photo's~ but, I can see the Love shining here, bet it made it loads of fun!



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