Thursday, February 18, 2010

iPod II

I am on my second iPod.  The first one just sort of wore out.  The second one is a 60 gig video capable one.

It holds my free digital copy of Mamma Mia the movie.  I make that distinction because now I've seen the stage show and while they are the same story, they are very different.  I think it's the energy.  But the point is, I can carry around the story of my inner dancing queen.

So I've had the second iPod for at least a year.  But for a while there, it lost its luster.  Not sure why, but it did. 

Lately, I've rediscovered its magic.  The way it creates a bubble for you to move through time and be in whatever world you want to be while normalcy perks along outside.

Podcasts.  These are the addiction right now. 

Book reviews by Nancy Pearl.  Although these don't come out as often as they once did. I love Nancy Pearl.  She helped me find that I do like some Science Fiction.  And she has her own Librarian action figure. Sort of like Wonder Woman but without the pre-Madonna Jean-Paul Gaultier pointy bo$om.

Barnes and Noble Meet the Writers.

The Guardian Books Podcast.

Speaking of Faith.  This is a probationary podcast until I figure out what it's thing is.  I found it when someone mentioned listening to their iPod to an episode about John O'Donohue which was about Beauty and God. 

Lightroom Killer Tips.  Self explanatory.  But oh, so valuable. A tip and a video of how to do it.

Design for the Real World.  It tells about things like tract houses and stop signs.

Rick Steves Travel.  Only the ones on Italy.  And Provence.

So whenever I need to get away, I reach into my bag for my iPod.  Click on a podcast. 

Tune out the noise.

What are you saying? 

I can't hear you.


  1. Hi Molly. Thanks for checking out the Speaking of Faith podcast. Our tag line is "public radio's conversation about religion, meaning, ethics, and ideas" but I'm not sure that helps new listeners. When you get a good sense of what our thing is, I'd be interested in hearing your assessment!

    Trent, online editor/producer - SOF

  2. This information is waaaayyyy beyond my technological comfort zone. But I'm so impressed with you willingness, unlike me, to learn new stuff.

    Is there a way to check out Nancy Pearl of SOF without an iPod?

  3. I want to find something to carry around my inner dancing queen too!! =)

    (Yes it's 9:20 am on a Friday and I'm commenting on your blog. Shhhh - I needed a momentary distraction from Walter).

  4. This house has had 8 of them... yes I said 8.
    The manchild has killed 3. One by water, One by dropping and one by wearing out. The tiny one has 2, one that does the music, ( nano ) and one with the video.
    Momma has one.
    26 hour road trips from VA to naples to see the grandparents are so much easier with everyone in there bubble.
    Bless the Ipod...
    And the word Verification??? is onesgrate,,, AANd I for One and Grateful! LOL

  5. Did I ever tell you that when I was little, I'd have my parents back their cars out of the garage and I'd blare ABBA and roller skate around in circles dancing and singing my litter heart out. Hmmm ... I wonder if my garage now is big enough.

    You ALSO reminded me of the time I met Nancy Pearl! I'll be writing about that soon--thanks for the idea!




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