Saturday, January 16, 2010

More Birds

Remember I said there were two woodpeckers?  Here's #2.

This is pretty fun to watch - two dining at once, I mean.

Here's the second woodpecker again...Yes, his head is upside down.

I just love the birds that can hang on the pinecones.

And finally, mystery bird.  Anyone recognize this?  Sorry it's blurry.


  1. Orange-winged brown bird?

    I've worried about how the birds were going to get at the pinecones. Now I see.

    I've been online to find bird treat recipes. Sounds like fun!

    Check out his guy's bird pictures ... read his story, it's pretty amazing.

  2. mr fuzzy blurry Is a towhee
    or more look here
    and see if you agree.

  3. Hello !
    Those pics of birds are so nice! Thanks for sharing



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