Saturday, January 9, 2010


I'm sure you've heard by now it's cold in most of the country.  Including the parts of the country that don't really get all that cold. I live in one of those parts.  We should be in the 50s during the day here.  We are averaging about 30 degrees or more below normal.  I can't even think what that means to places that are usually cold.

Enough whining.  This Christmas, I got some bird feeder pinecones, made by my wonderful niece and nephews.  They were painted silver, coated in peanut butter and seeds and wrapped in cellophane.  They are lovely to look at.

But there are some creatures that think they taste better than they look.  I've had some lovely birds dining on the pinecones.  Some I don't recognize.  I have to shoot through a window, and I don't have just the right lens, but I'll be sharing some more pictures.  The birds are gorgeous.  I've also put seed on the ground underneath for the larger birds. 

Audrey, Brooks and Eli - what a wonderful gift! 


  1. We are glad that the birds are enjoying the feeders! I wondered if birds would actually eat from them. I hope you're staying warm!!

  2. What a great idea. I think I may try it.



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