Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Work

So I was slowly driving along, enjoying the morning.  It was Friday, so it was take the dogs to run-around-wear-yourselves-out-so-I-can-do-what-I-want-Friday-night day.

My Stars!  What was that?  I stopped the car and looked back - yep, that was no ordinary mailbox.  It had a hawk finial.  So I backed up, whipped out my trusty camera while the hawk looked over it's shoulder and eyed me---until I lowered the car window.  Then it barely twitched it's wings and sailed about 10 feet to this tree.

'I vant to be alone.'

'Are you gone yet?'

'I vill change branches.  See my fierce talons?'

'Still there.  How rude.'

'I vill permit zee profile shot. Now, kindly begone!'

So, I've looked up the hawks common to the area, and none exactly fits.  Any ideas?  There was no rust color on it's front and the down on it's legs isn't spotted.  And there's no red on it's tail. 

Still, so very fierce and beautiful.  And a lot of fun to spot sitting on the mailbox post at 9 am Friday morning.


  1. Now you know I had to figure it out!
    I am thinking it's a juvenile red tailed hawk.
    How big was she?

  2. Yep - after I couldn't match it to the first batch I looked at, I thought I should look at the babies. I'd say it was about 14-16 inches long...I've been hearing it lately. It even sounds juvenile. Between the owl, the hawks, opossums and racoons, I hardly recall I'm in metro Atlanta.

  3. Your coverage of the wildlife in your area is great. Have you developed an eye for these scenes? The squirrel is great also.



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