Tuesday, March 13, 2012

In This Photo

1. Pink azaleas are already blooming

2. White azaleas are about to burst.

3. Tea olives are blooming and smell heavenly.  Sorry, no smello-vision.

4. Ferns are sending up science fiction looking shoots.

5.  Dogs are looking in opposite directions.

6.  2 of 3 boxwoods show new growth.

7.  There are purple blooms on the periwinkle vine that is taking over the hill.

8.  One very, very large pine tree is dying.

9.  No bats live in the bat box, which means I have to have the yard sprayed for mosquitos.

10.  I need to throw away the battery powered white lights on the deck, but I loved them during the holidays.

11. The monkey grass grows better on one side of the hill than the other.

That is all.


  1. A photo is worth so may words...
    and I am jealous, tea olives don't grow this far north, but I remember the smell.
    I get lilacs instead..
    A fair trade wouldn't you say?*giggle*

  2. Tea olives? WHo puts olives in their tea?
    If they only come out at night, how do you know there are no bats in the box?
    I think I'd cut off my right arm for a pergola/deck like that.



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