Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Morning Coffee

I was outside with the dogs, drinking my morning coffee, when I realized I had never taken my camera + 50 mm lens, set it on an ISO (1600) and on aperture priority and then gone from wide open (1.4) to stopped all the way down (16) shooting at the same thing.  This image is at about f2.4, which is a relatively shallow depth of field. You can see how the coffee cup and the chair behind the circle of friends figure are out of focus but the circle of friends is crisp.

I noticed some things I'd never noticed before:  vignetting occurs more at the wide open end of the lens than in the middle and end of the range (that's the darkening around the edges, and it's really noticeable at 1.4 below.  See how the deck posts in the middle are lighter than the ones at the edges?

The fun part was that Gus insisted on helping.  Here he illustrates the f16 aperture.  See how more of the whole image seems to be in focus? And the edges aren't darker than the middle?  Smaller aperture.

If only Gus could hold a reflector.

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