Thursday, June 23, 2011

Creative Pursuits

After coming home from Inspired! in May, I've been very interested in art journaling.  A key part of the art journaling has been trying various things: making my own journal, testing various supplies I already own such as paints, watercolors, stamps, stencils...some collage, even drawing.

The interwebs have connected me to wonderful artists who post tutorials on their sites or youtube.  One I found was on Carla Sondheim's site...part of the Make It Easy 11 days of tutorials.

So here is my effort.  It's an iPhone picture because my trusty all in one printer doesn't work with my new MacBookPro so can't scan things in.  phhhppppttthhhhpppttt.

Anyway, I haven't had much chance to photograph lately, so I've been cutting, pasting, painting, coloring and staying in touch with my creative side.

In other news, the basil or dill (can't tell which) has [finally] started coming up.  Unfortunately the feral cat feels that part of the flower bed is prime sand box area.  Good thing I started some in pots on the deck.

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