Monday, April 18, 2011


Well.  I have been completely thrown by the disruption of my schedule.  I have gotten myself a replacement for my ailing computer.  Ailing, or dead.  Who knows?

Anyway, even though I can load my programs on the new one, all the tweaks I'd given them are gone.  I'm telling myself it's good to be shaken out of the routine, to try things a new way.

I don't buy it either.

On the other hand, this new kid takes up far less space and is blazingly fast.

I think we're going to be fast friends once I get my bearings.

The photo above was supposed to be of Gus gazing out the doors.  It looked really nice in the viewfinder...and as I snapped, Gus looked back at me.


  1. What kind of computer did you decide on?

  2. i got a macbook pro for my photography. It's just enough of a learning curve that it slows me down and makes me rethink how I do things.



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