Sunday, March 3, 2013

ombre stairs

I saw some stairs painted in graduated colors like a paint chip.  So I read the post, and created some for myself.  This spans 2 paint chip cards and the darkest color is not shown at the very bottom because my iPhone camera can't shoot that wide.  Oh, all right.  I will upload the section with the darker color too.

Just a minute.

OK - the bottom most stairs are the darkest color.  

A little decorating whimsy in shades of rose, just for fun.  These are the steps to my second floor.  It's sort of a finished attic I use as a studio.  When folks open that door to go upstairs they will be dazzled.

The gradation shows is more distinct among the middle three colors IRL (In Real Life). And the colors are richer.  Especially when the sun beams through the upstairs window around 3 or 4 pm. Everything glows!


  1. I love this! I read something the other day about a turquoise door. The last time Dad had the house painted he refused to consider a different color scheme. It's been white house/green trim for a long time. I may need a turquoise door.

  2. I have this urge to paint my basement steps like books stacked on each other...
    But these are pretty! and I think maybe a little less time consuming???

  3. Looks great! And you certainly didn't let any grass grow under your feet.



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