Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Glimpse of the Past

This weekend I went with friends for the annual tour of Oakland Cemetery, where the 6 residents make an appearance and share their stories...

Peggy Mitchell goes back to her sequel, confiding 'that Rhett will rue the day..."

Davy Crockett's grandson confides that Davy was never called Davy, it was David...and that his wife was Peggy Mitchell's aunt, I believe.

One of the Lynch brothers shares about his brothers' tendency to brawl, his family's entrepreneurial contributions to early Atlanta's success and the tippling room where everyone had their own cup and many a deal was cut...

On the far side of the cemetery, things got a bit more atmospheric...and an Atlanta madam told a tale about her very good hearted establishment and that many folks said she was the inspiration for Peggy Mitchell's Belle Watling. She wasn't sure about that since she was gone by the time Peggy was born...

Many of the mausoleums were open so we could see the beautiful stained glass inside.

This lady told of the section called Slave Corners, originally outside Oakland, that was taken over by the cemetery and how her white family (she was born to free parents but was widowed when the family moved to Atlanta and she came with them) got permission to have her buried in their family plot.  Quite exceptional.

We are told we'll meet a few more residents next year. I'll be there!

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