Monday, January 16, 2012


My paternal grandmother's birthday is today.  If she were alive, she'd be 99.  I thought about her today and wondered how I could celebrate her.  I had a couple of errands so it was mid afternoon and I hadn't had lunch - I was headed to my next errand when I happened to think about how any time we traveled to Montgomery from Troy, we would eat at Krystal.  My grandmother loved them!

Now my grandmother was ahead of her time - there was no Coke in the fridge, no chips or packaged cookies in the pantry.  Meals were balanced: a protein, a yellow and a green vegetable appeared at each meal.  Lots of poultry and fish, red meat and pork only occasionally made the menu.  I remember wishing we could have Pop-Tarts for breakfast but she was unyielding!

That made it especially fun to know how much she enjoyed a trip to Krystal since fast food was an unusual event.  So, in honor of her birthday I had 3 cheese Krystals and a small diet Coke.

Happy Birthday, Grandmother!


  1. Here's to your Grandma! I was just wondering the other when wasa the last time I ate a krystal? It's been ages. I may have to toast your grandmother in the near future.

  2. P.S. My granddaughter could never say those things about me! I think she breast feeds her daughter pink lemonade from Chic Filet!



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