Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This is a medium format camera that a friend gave me.  It was once her grandfathers.  I've been toying with getting it cleaned, because it seems to be in good working order, and maybe the person who can service it can tell me how to load film and take photos. 

I've been wrestling with how to take a photo that illustrates a dare.  All I've come up with are things that would illustrate a dare for me...but they might not be a dare for you. 

Sometimes it feels like I am daring to take pictures...that I shouldn't really because who am I to think I can do this anyway? 

Have you read about Vivian Maier? I think I'm spelling it correctly.  Anyway, a guy bought a box of negatives at auction to round out work he was doing on Chicago. When he started looking at the negatives (there are gazillions and undeveloped film, too).  It seems she is joining the ranks of the famous street photographers of her time.  Google her.  I think you'll enjoy the story.


  1. In fact, uploads a lot of those pictures on a regular basis. You might enjoy following this blog :)

  2. I double dog (pun intended) dare you to look for the instructions on the internets, get that camera cleaned, and play with some film. Oh my! What are you waiting for. The image and the camera are gorgeous.

  3. M,
    I meant to write yesterday and got distracted. Ha! What's new there?

    My dad used to have a camera just like this. Back when I was little photography was his hobby du jour. He took rolls and rolls of film and developed them himself.

    A few years back he gave me the Rolleiflex to play with. I think I did find film for it but never took a picture. It ended up back on his closet shelf until he passed it on to my nephew's wife. I don't know if she's learned how to use it or not.

    I hope you'll find the time to play with it. Nothing says "photographer" like a camera with a leather strap handing from your neck.



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