Thursday, March 27, 2008

It could have been worse...

This week started with a fair amount of promise.

When I misplaced my mobile phone sometime Monday and couldn't think where it could be, I thought, it could be worse, I still have my Blackberry.

When I got home Tuesday night and realized the toilet chain in the tank broke when the maid came to clean AND was flushed away so that I have to manually flush the toilet until it can be fixed, I thought to myself, it could be worse.

On Wednesday, I was hit by a driver who ran a red light. There was a silver lining, a passing motorist who stopped and gave me their name because they saw the whole thing, and it turns out he is an architect that works with my company. And being able to drive away, with only some damage to the hood, fender and the driver side head- and parking lights. Still, it's a wrecked car, which means time away from work to get to a body shop and rent a car and, oh well. It really could be worse.

Today I got a roofing quote, and was told I definitely needed a new roof. Once I saw the estimate I remember thinking, well, it could be worse.

And then I remembered that I had my phone at the restaurant Monday night, and I went by on my way to the office and it was there.

This week? It could have been worse.

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